Idaho Governor Candidate Steve Bradshaw’s Response To Governor Little’s COVID Press Conference.

*****MEDIA ALERT*****

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2021


Idahoans are pushing back because they are being asked to take a vaccine that doesn’t create immunity and wear a mask that doesn’t prevent or reduce transmission of the virus.

The latest press conference from Governor Little regarding COVID-19 and the unvaccinated needs to be addressed. I’ve always been a straight shooter and will not stop now, even as the cancel culture environment appears to be gaining strength. So, let’s talk facts.

Hospital capacity utilization on average is about 85% to 90% with a 90%-95% capacity to maintain revenue benchmarks. So capacity is designed to be on the high side. We don’t build hospitals to keep all the beds empty. Hospitals having high capacity is just as alarming as the sun rising in the morning. Actually, it is the norm.

This claim that only four ICU beds are available in the state of Idaho is also incorrect. Hospital capacity is based on beds versus number of nurses on site. It is not a lack of beds, but alack of personnel. “Medical staff is exhausted” because they are currently understaffed as a result of furloughs and personnel leaving the work force due to unwarranted experimental vaccine requirements, not because they are inundated with COVID patients. If you recall last year, we heard the same story line of hospitals being at the brink of collapse, when in reality entire sections of hospitals were not even in use. The US Navy positioned medical ships off both coasts of this country, where they sat virtually empty for months until returning to base. There were massive outdoor facilities sitting empty as well.

“Limited staff, space and equipment” is just an excuse to try and coerce Idahoans into taking an experimental vaccine. But common sense is what is keeping people from falling for it. As of August 20th, 2021, there have been 623,341 injuries reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System “VAERS” database as a result of this shot. That includes 13,627 deaths, 55,821hospitalizations, 5,721 anaphylaxis, and 4,785 bell’s palsy. But a Harvard study concluded in2009 that the VAERS database only collects 1% of the actual numbers because the reporting is voluntary. So, the real numbers are far higher. No wonder Idahoans are holding off on taking the vaccine. We can read the numbers, we understand what they mean, and we are smart enough to know what is best for us.

The vaccine manufacturers’ own fact sheets state that they cannot guarantee you will survive the shot, the shot will not protect you from the virus, and the shot will not prevent you from spreading the virus. Similarly, the mask EUA states that it is fraudulent to represent that masks will reduce or prevent the spread of the virus.

 The reasons Idahoans are pushing back is because we are being asked to take a vaccine that doesn’t create immunity and wear a mask that doesn’t prevent or reduce transmission of the virus.

Let’s get back to common sense, and take responsibility for ourselves.

  • Boost your immune system! Get outside and exercise, eat healthy and take vitamins, especially vitamin D, and make sure to get enough rest.
  • Stop feeding on the fear: turn off your television and open your Bible.
  • Explore the early treatment methods that many front line doctors recommend with success.

When I am Governor, I will stay true to my fundamentals of moral integrity. I will not be swayed by the establishment elites who are pushing what I believe to be an evil agenda. These are sometough times we are in and we are in desperate need of a tough Governor to stand up and lead. Joinme and the hundreds of thousands of Idahoans as we Restore Our American Republic. 

It is time to ROAR!

May God Bless Idaho and the United States of America.”