Idaho Governor Candidate Steve Bradshaw’s Response to 24 Attorneys General Sending A Message Regarding the Attempted Biden Vaccine Mandate

*****MEDIA ALERT*****

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2021


Where is Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden?

Late last week, twenty-four Attorneys General wrote an opposition letter to Joe Biden regarding his attempted mandate to vaccinate private citizens. While I was glad to see so many AGs step up, I was surprised to see Idaho’s AG’s name not on there. As I have stated previously, the vaccine, which is really not a vaccine, but rather a gene therapy product, is neither safe nor effective. There is mounting evidence that many people are adversely affected by this experimental shot, and tragically the death toll is rising exponentially due to the “vaccine,” not the virus. This virus has still never been isolated for the record. So, we are left to ponder why? Why would someone with the assumed power like the President of the United States reach outside of their enumerated powers and attempt to mandate a health procedure on private citizens who are protected by their Federal and State Constitutions for this very reason? Why would someone mandate this when they know that thousands, if not tens of thousands are incurring irreparable harm due to this experiment? Why attempt to use an illegal emergency temporary standard provision in the OSH Act to implement a nationwide vaccine mandate when the manufacturers of the products themselves admit that it will not prevent infection or spread?

We continue to see labor shortages across the nation and specifically in Idaho due to employees leaving the work force after being coerced to choose between their job or the shot. This illegal edict will only compound the problem, or shall we call it a “crisis?” What if the “whys” were replaced by “how’s?” As we watch our government officials botch this at every turn, and continue to wonder why they can’t get it right, maybe they are? Maybe this is their plan being executed to perfection?

Idahoans must wake up to the blatant lies coming from DC and Boise. We must stand firm in Truth and Love. The hour is getting very late Mr. Wasden. I demand you do the job you were elected to do and uphold your oath to God and our Country or resign. The time to Restore Our American Republic is now. Let’s ROAR!

It is time to ROAR!

“ May God bless Idaho and the United States of America.”