Bonner County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw Announced That He Is Throwing His Hat Into The Ring For The Race For Governor Of Idaho

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Commissioner Bradshaw Launches His “R.O.A.R. Idaho “Campaign, Restore Our American Republic Today Bonner County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw announced that he is throwing his hat into the ring for the race for Governor of Idaho. Said Bradshaw:

“We face tremendous threats from massive federal overreach to our way of life as Idahoans. Biden’s radical federal regime wants to run roughshod over the sovereignty of Idaho, and the freedom of Idahoans. Washington DC technocrats want to dictate every detail of how we live our lives. But their “one size fits all” Washington DC solutions just don’t work here. So I am never going to allow that to happen.”

“Western traditions of freedom, independence and self-reliance–not government dependence–are the very essence of Idaho. We simply will not be dictated to by Washington DC when it comes to our way of life and our values.”

“We will not be locked down. We will not be masked against our will, and we will not be vaccinated against our will. Our daughters will not be forced to compete against men who think they are women, or to share their locker rooms with them. We will not deem patriots as“ domestic” terrorists, nor will we deem a political gathering an “insurrection.” We will stand up for our rights and we will back our stand by our God given right to defend ourselves, our families, our homes and our way of life. No one will ever take our guns, and no one will limit how many rounds we can hold in our mags. No one will censor our speech, but no one will teach our kids that America is an illegitimate nation founded in evil when we all know that America is the best hope for the future of all mankind. That won’t happen here in Idaho.”

“In short, we will defend the sovereignty of the Great State of Idaho, and we will protect her against the radical Biden regime’s overreach from the DC swamp. We will protect the sovereignty of the entire state of Idaho, every inch of land within our borders, all of which falls within our dominion as a sovereign state. Yes, I am talking to you, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service. You are guests in our state, we are not sharecroppers in yours.

”We face a time where we need to search our souls, and determine what we value, and what we will fight to protect. The challenges are significant, and our response must be decisive. We simply can’t leave it to your average politicians to handle. No one has ever accused me of being the average politician. But, I have heard the call to battle, and I am answering it. I will always be resolute in my principles, and adhere to my values. My approach will be different than what you have seen in the past. And that is what is called for at this time. I hope you will support me as I fight to protect the sovereignty of Idaho, the Republic, and our way of life.”

“ May God bless Idaho and the United States of America.”